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We all like sweets, cheese and fruits. But are we all able to eat in such a manner that our mouth will remain healthy? In the last ten years the doctors have discovered three main reasons that cause the tooth decays: the germs that can be found at any time in our mouth, substances found in the composition of the food we eat and the actual structure of the tooth. The food compounds that cause the apparition of decay are carbohydrates and the structure of fats and proteins.

The bad effects of the carbohydrates onĀ dental health has been studied on people that eat only fruits and vegetables (like the natives from Polynesia) or only meat (like the Eskimos) and which have perfect teeth, as long as they do not start eating carbohydrates. The tooth decays started bothering these people once they started changing their food habits, after the settling of military camps and ports. The number of the tooth problems was also low during the Second World War, when, due to the lack of food and the restrictions installed by the government, people had little access to this sort of food, so the carbohydrates percentage in the daily meals was very low. Once the war stopped and people got back to their normal food habits tooth decays appeared in a larger number that before.


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Summer: Tips For Avoiding Excessive Hair Sweating

Summer: Tips For Avoiding Excessive Hair Sweating

One thing that I am and I’m sure each of you hate about summer, which is sweating that excessive hair braids makes those beautiful I love you, tacky and unbearable to the point that you would like bald. While in Pakistan summers is sweating really hard to avoid because of the heat, but we can reduce to some extent, these simple tips.

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