Chaychey’s New Bed Sheets Collection 2012 – Home Decor

Chaychey's New Bed Sheets Collection 2012 - Home Decor

Here is awesome bed sheet designs collection of Chaycheys. Everyone wants their bed areas to look fantastic. So as to, we keep on looking for eye-catching bed linens. If you also want your bed space look fantastic, then examine out the new bed sheet Collection by Chaycheys 2012 bed linens and bed linens Collection.

New Home Expressions 2012 – Bed Sheets Collection by Bareeze

New Home Expressions 2012 - Bed Sheets Collection by Bareeze

Everyone knows in Pakistan, that the Bareeze is a popular and well known Pakistani retailer. Every year, Bareeze showcase it’s summer collection and winter collections for women. For now, Bareeze is back with a huge surprise. The Home Expressions are the popular and the most important sub-brand of Bareeze.

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House decoration ideas By Oded Tal & Elizabeth

We just got a wonderful home project completed Oded Tal Architects & Elizabeth. According to the developers of the project, the residence was built a long and narrow view of 800 square meters near the town of Herzliya in the Mediterranean Sea. There are four levels of the house, full basement with a cinema room and three bedrooms, downstairs has a pool behind the garden, on the first floor four bedrooms with a bathroom and an attic inside the vaulted ceiling, one bedroom with sunny balcony. Volume of the house is divided into blocks, front and rear part of the walls of curved glass that encloses a circular staircase and three-storey void above a dining area. Int pass through two bridges connect the two blocks on the upper floors. The exterior is finished in white stucco with the highlight a dark gray volcanic rock band. All openings are double glazed in green anti-sun glass and framed in black aluminum. The floor inside is a white stone 1.0 x 1 Continue reading “House decoration ideas By Oded Tal & Elizabeth” »

Readers Minimalist Platform Of Real Wood

We talked about Reader’s Corner, which was mostly girls and an exquisite space. Now we would like to draw your attention to the presidency of Kosha, a space for a unit in a minimalist style that is entirely appropriate for women and men. See the ergonomic design of Claudio D’amore accurate: it is like a wooden ship of natural color. You can place the piece in front of a huge window, in a study or even a contemporary garden. The space is very comfortable and has an anatomical shape of the back does not get tired after hours of reading.

Modern Log Cabin With Folding Glass Walls

Norway is a country incredibly beautiful fjords, and heavy, but fantastic Nordic nature. Scandinavian design is a special branch of its features, but if it is near the ocean view would be maximized in this cottage by the Norwegian architect Tommie Wilhelmsen on a remote island. Overlooking the sea, this wooden cabin equipped with a dynamic exterior design and interior, which opens outward by folding glass walls. The interior in a way similar to a ship, especially from its wooden deck. Gray with beige wood and natural light is incredibly soothing and relaxing, and they do not interfere with the impressive view. Imagine – sitting with a mug of tea and read a book. A dream is not it?

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