Thats How You Should Park Your Beloved Ferrari.

A proud Ferrari owner loves his sports car so much he parks it – in his LOUNGE.

Devoted Jon Ryder, 28, cleared the top half of his living room and drives the gleaming yellow Ferrari 355 Spider through a garage door at the end of the room.

He can now stare lovingly at his pride and joy as he relaxes on his sofa and watches TV.

The garage door is concealed behind a curtain – giving the car nut an easy exit for when he wants to take the 1996 Ferrari for a spin.

Married Jon, a steel worker from Sheffield, said: ‘I’ve owned the Ferrari for more than three years and the novelty still hasn’t worn off.

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Create Joyful Mood of Your Home with Summer Curtains 2011

For a better look of your home catch some eye popping summer curtains 2011, which are easily available in the market. Any one in this world needs to create joyful mood to transfer home into a bright and chic pace for living in summer season. So for that purpose any one can change the look of their home by obtaining cheap range of curtains from the market.

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