Lakhany Zunuj Khaddar Collection 2014 Shawls & Suits For Women

Lakhani Silk Mills New Khaddar Collection Zunuj 2014
The winter season has now reached it’s peak. Frosting mornings followed by chilly nights demand some warm clothes to be worn along with woolen shawls to make one feel warm and pleasant. By the increasing number of fashion designers and clothing brands in the fashion market, hundreds and thousands of designs are released every season, making it even more difficult for the public to opt for best and trendy ones.
Because as the number of options increase the confusion of selection also raises, making it hard for women to select trendy dresses. Women have always been confused about selecting better things whenever there is a large room of choices available. On the other hand the increased number of brands and designers has also given awareness to women of this era about how to dress according to latest trends of the fashion industry. Another branded winter collection is going to be unwrapped for you in this session.
This very new and spectacular array of dresses has been brought to you by LSM. LSM, Lakhany Silk Mills is one of the most popular and prestigious clothing hubs of Pakistan. Entering into the clothing industry in 1952, the brand which is LSM earned fame nationwide by providing best ever designs and quality fabrics catering to modern women across the nation. The assortment presented in this section will also be entertained with Lakhani Zunuj Collection by Zunuj, a sub-brand of LSM.

LSM Zunuj winter Collection Khaddar Shawls and Suits by Lakhani Silk Mills

Lakhani Winter 2014 Collection has been released with best ever khaddar prints for women, collection includes khaddar shawls & khaddar suits for ladies. These beautifully designed three piece khaddar suits are available along with warm woollen shawls, making these dresses appropriate to be worn in this frosting season. If you are still in search of a perfect warm and stylish fall dress that simply makes everybody stunned, then you might be just a picture away from LSM khaddar collection of a perfect wearable. The following photo collection of Lakhany Zunuj Khaddar Collection 2015 has been adorned with all these new arrivals in an HD view. You can have a look at these fantastic dresses and shop them online via their E store or by visiting the brand’s official outlets in your city.

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