Reflections From Umsha by Uzma Baber Bridal Collection 2014

Refelections From Umsha By Uzma Baber - Bridal Dresses Collection 2014

Reflections from Umsha by Uzma Baber is all about the Pakistani Wedding dresses, the collection is based on the five main ceremonies i.e from Mayoon till Valima which reflect the Big Fat Weddings of Pakistan. With high tech gleaming fabrics, peppered with glittery beads its not only made to sparkle the catwalk but to shine for a subtler radiance for the brides.

Clean and modish cuts make for the silhouettes with glitterbugs, embroidery and fine knits.  These bridal pieces have elegance and glamour to be the next look for the brides of subcontinent. This collection has magical qualities; sumptuous outfits with vibrant colors float about the body like a mystical glow. They are expertly crafted with perfection and fine detailing which are reserved for the wedding season.

Reflections - New Bridal Wear Collection From Umsha by Uzma Babar


Umsha by Uzma Baber's Reflections - Bridal Dress Collection


Umsha's New Bridal Wear collection 2014 From Uzma Baber


New Bridal Wear Collection from Umsha by Uzma Babar

Reflections From Umsha by Uzma Baber

Umsha's New Bridal Wear Collection REFLECTIONS Uzma Babar

Uzma Baber's New Reflections Bridal Wear Designs

Umsha's Reflections - New Bridal Dresses From Uzma Baber

New Reflections - Collection of Bridal Dresses From Uzma Baber

Reflections - The New Bridal Wear Collection of Uzma Baber

Mayoon, Mehndi, Bridal & Valima Dresses By Uzma Baber

Reflections of umsha by Uzma Baber

Reflections New bridal Dress Collection for Brides - Uzma Babar

Uzma Baber's New Bridal Wear Collection 2014 - Umsha

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